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StreamTrack, Inc. (STTK) Optimizes And Adds To Internet Broadcast Technologies

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The Internet is fast becoming the world's primary communications platform. Its digital capabilities and worldwide spread have found their way into virtually every type of daily communication, including of course mobile communications. More than just email, texting, and ecommerce, the Internet is beginning to dominate radio and television broadcasting, providing new and highly flexible opportunities for broadcast related marketing.

California-based StreamTrack, a fast-growing provider of audio and video streaming services to broadcasters and advertisers, is leading the drive to take full advantage of Internet broadcast technologies.

• RadioLoyalty - StreamTrack's RadioLoyalty platform lets listeners hear radio music, talk, and sports over the Internet and on mobile devices, now offering over 1,500 stations. Using digital technologies, listeners can earn loyalty points redeemable for merchandise. The system allows advertisers to reach highly target audiences. In addition, RadioLoyalty is free for broadcasters, requiring almost no work to operate and maintain, while increasing audience and revenue.

• UniversalPlayer - StreamTrack's Universal Player platform effectively standardizes digital ad buying, providing an easy way for advertisers to potentially reach up to 37 million users in the U.S. and 80 million worldwide.

• WatchThis - is on course to become a leading developer of digital broadcast content, networking, and technology. Through the use of DionyVision digital video player technology, it is being developed to differentiate itself from standard network television and traditional digital and multimedia players.

• AdMaximizer - AdMaximizer optimizes ad revenue by allowing ads to be distributed based upon a number of performance metrics, and lets advertisers and publishers manage multiple campaigns simultaneously.

• ReplaceAds - ReplaceAds is made up of a wide range of premium audio and video broadcasts, in which advertisers can integrate audio, video, and display advertising.

• StreamTrack Media - StreamTrack Media is an online media marketing company, providing advertisers with powerful lead generation.

• HDIRadeo - is a free guide for use by high-def Internet radio stations.

• Jetcast - Jetcast brand streaming helps broadcasters eliminate bandwidth expenses.

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