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Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (SWET) Issues Statement From CEO Ronald W. Pickett

Solar Wind Energy Tower, the inventor of a large Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structure capable of producing inexpensive electricity, today dissimilated the following investor-focused statement from Ron Pickett, CEO:

A CNBC.COM article entitled "Second Wind: Renewable Energy Down but Not Out," written by Javier E. David, appeared on June 30. David reports: "Two events occurred that could point to a new second wind for the battered alternative energy sector. President Obama unveiled a broad swath of measures to combat carbon emissions, including new funding for clean energy technology and setting a goal to double the amount of electricity generated by wind and solar. Second, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released a report forecasting that renewable energy - wind, solar, biofuels and the like - will eclipse natural gas and nuclear as a source of electricity by 2016. Experts say the President's new measures underscore how alternative energy may be carving itself a niche in energy markets as more of a helpmate of electric power, especially with coal - the primary source of domestic electricity and a major pollutant - falling out of favor in some circles."

We have always known that our Company has been on the cutting edge of the alternative energy market sector, and this certainly is great trending news for SWET. As a result of the recent breakthrough engineering enhancements to our Energy Tower, SWET is poised to take a leading role in the production of affordable alternative electric energy.

Solar Wind Energy can now evaluate potential Tower sites, as well as advise and predict the amount of electricity that can be produced in a specific region. Multiple Towers can be deployed in "Compounds" using the same cranes, water source, delivery, manufacturing, construction systems and labor forces. Solar Wind Energy's involvement in each project is to facilitate the Tower's development with its expertise and intellectual property.

Our strategic mission is to engineer, design, develop and enable the construction of the most energy efficient and cost effective source of clean power available, enabling financially productive clean energy without the subsidies required by conventional solar and wind projects.

As we have consistently stated, the Company's business plan involves "partnering" with various entities, such as utilities, sovereign nations and independent power sources, to bring this solution to the market as rapidly as possible. Each Solar Wind Downdraft Tower is its own independent project. Solar Wind Energy will receive development fees, licensing fees and royalties on power sales from each project and/or ownership interests.

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