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VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. (VPTDF) Connects All The Dots

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Seattle-based VentriPoint Diagnostics has developed a groundbreaking new approach to imaging analysis, particularly as it relates to what is called the right heart, a portion of the heart that is especially difficult to accurately image. The basis of the VMS system is Knowledge Based Reconstruction (NYSE:KBR), which is able to take standard 2-dimensional ultrasound data and generate an accurate 3-dimensional image of the heart. Although KBR can also be used in conjunction with MRI images, the use of ultrasound as a data source offers major cost and operational advantages over other image technologies.

The traditional MRI approach requires more expensive equipment and procedures, often requiring costly and time-consuming followup visits. Ultrasound imaging is far simpler and less involved, meaning a major cost break for hospitals and patients. KBR takes ultrasound to a new level, offering superior analytical capabilities. Physicians will now be able to monitor patients at each clinic visit, more easily tracking heart conditions. It is also helpful for pediatric patients that may have problems with other types of imaging or invasive procedures.

With Knowledge Based Reconstruction, the user simply traces a few points on the ultrasound images to mark the position of anatomic landmarks. Advanced software is then able to essentially connect the dots, utilizing programmed knowledge concerning the shape of the human heart, and how it changes in reaction to various disease states, to generate a comprehensive and accurate picture of the heart and heart functioning. In addition to providing easier and accurate right-heart imaging, the VentriPoint VMS system, called Angelo, can also be used for cost effective left heart analysis, as well as for diagnosing pulmonary hypertension, and is being evaluated for other possibilities. The technology's use is spreading, and can already be found in a number of top level hospitals around the world.

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