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Sky Power Solutions Corp. (SPOW) Goes After Decentralized Solar Market

With accelerating developments occurring in solar energy technology, the business case for solar application grows increasingly attractive, both for consumers and potential technology providers. When it comes to electricity production, solar is still a small part of all electricity produced, highlighting a vast potential for growth. Even in countries that are top solar users, such as Spain and Germany, solar represents only about 1% or 2% of their electricity production. In the U.S., solar accounts for less than 1/30 of 1% of electricity produced. But technological breakthroughs, and growing energy pressures, continue to improve solar’s standing.

An important feature of solar generated electricity is its scalability. It can be expanded upward to almost any size, but, perhaps more important in the long run, it can also be set up and operated on a very small scale with relative efficiency. This allows solar generation to be highly decentralized, which opens all sorts of new possibilities for the future of electricity and the grid. Homeowners and businesses can produce a significant portion of their own electricity. In the case of homeowners, bigger and more efficient units can, during daylight hours, actually produce more electricity than is needed. Homeowners are often out during the daytime, though their home-based solar generating systems would be running at their peak. This daytime excess can be sold back to the grid at just the time power companies most need the help. During the evening, when homeowners need the electricity, they can get it back from the grid.

A key support feature, enhancing the value of decentralized electricity generation, is net-metering, a system available in most areas that provides an especially efficient way for decentralized excess production to be sold to the local power company. Without net metering, a second meter is usually installed to measure the electricity that flows back to the provider, with the provider purchasing the power at a rate much lower than the retail rate.

Sky Power Solutions, a U.S. based solar technology developer, uses specially designed solar concentrators, together with state-of-the-art lithium battery technology for power storage, to create one of the most cost-effective systems for decentralized electricity generation. The system minimizes purchase and setup costs, while ensuring a more rapid payback when used with net-metering. Sky Power sees the growing decentralized solar market as perfect for their offering.

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