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Terminus Energy, Inc. (TMGY) is “One to Watch”

|Includes: Terminus Energy, Inc. (TMGY)

Terminus Energy Inc. is developing next generation fuel cell technology for utilities. The Company’s mission is to be the preferred distributed energy generation platform supplier for their utility customers. The Terminus Energy TE-50 system provides several benefits to prospective electric power providers. This includes commercial utilities, IPPs, industrial customers, and the military. The Company plans to manufacture, market, and sell “TE-50″ power generation units that will be ready for distribution in 2012.

The Terminus Energy TE-50 system has the advantage of low installation costs, low operational costs, low carbon generation, as well as minimal environmental impact. The TE-50 is also energy efficient and scalable; this allows any provider to grow capacity incrementally based upon their specific needs. The Company’s products help solve the problems of electric energy producing companies through point-of-use utility operated fuel cell units that seamlessly integrate grid parallel distributed electric power production capacity with the existing utility distribution infrastructure.

In June 2011, Terminus Energy Corp. announced that they entered into an agreement with a Colorado advanced technology company to commercialize the Terminus TE-50 distributed electric power generator using that company’s demonstrated next generation advanced proprietary Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) technology. The Colorado Company has a proven record of accomplishment of successfully commercializing innovative electric power generation products.

SOFCs are solid-state energy conversion devices, which can convert hydrocarbon fuels into electricity. These devices are extremely efficient, have few moving parts that require little maintenance and they can be located very close to the end user, reducing transmission infrastructure costs. These devices can potentially reduce power production costs, increase the reliability of the grid and have very little negative impact on the environment. Terminus Energy TE-50 systems utilize cutting-edge, cost effective SOFC technology. While initially using pipeline natural gas as the primary fuel feed stock, these fuel flexible SOFC systems can operate directly on almost any hydrocarbon-based fuel.

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