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Patient Access Solutions, Inc. (PASO) Removes a Healthcare Headache

|Includes: Patient Access Solutions, Inc. (PASO)

Claims processing is one of healthcare’s traditional headaches, primarily because of the time and inefficiencies inherent in all the paper handling associated with processing a claim, along with the detailed filing required by the HCFA (Health Care Finance Administration) which oversees the administration of Medicare and Medicaid. Although the electronic processing of claims now dominates the industry, and has saved countless hours and dollars, it still requires submission processing and verification of a “clean” claim.

Patient Access Solutions addresses the problem by providing a claims handling system that automates the most troublesome aspects of the process. The PASHealth Web Portal Claims System can operate either as a stand-alone claims processing system, or an integrated element of the provider’s Practice Management System. However it is set up, the claim is instantly transmitted to the PASHealth network servers, where it is thoroughly and automatically verified, and then sent directly to the insurance carrier for reimbursement. The entire transaction is paperless, takes less than a minute, and allows the access of daily and monthly transaction reports.

To the provider, it means instant claim status response, and less time calling payers and holding on the telephone. All responses are printable and easy to read, simplifying billing and collections. The bottom line is reduced time and costs.

It’s just one of the company’s healthcare support offerings designed to increase the efficiency of the total healthcare administrative process. In addition, their Electronic Medical Record (NYSE:EMR) system allows the easy management of all patient information, including in-house or remote access. And their D-PAS digital pen and paper technology allows the instant capturing and digitizing of handwritten patient forms. Taken as a package, the PASHealth solution represents a major advance in healthcare administration, and supports the company’s position as an up-and-coming industry player.

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