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3Me, Inc. (PIVX) is “One to Watch”

|Includes: Pivx Solutions Inc (PIVX)

3Me, Inc. (FKA: PivX Solutions, Inc.) is a brand development company that operates two divisions. 3Me Media develops and markets consumer products via television, internet and mail, while the company’s Adia Nutrition subsidiary is a developer and marketer of nutrition products. The Company has their corporate headquarters in Newport Beach, California.‏

Through Adia Nutrition, 3Me, Inc. aims to capture a large share of consumer sales. Marketing plans include expanding globally with an intention to become the leader in the “On the Go” Probiotics segment. Benefits provided by probiotics include healthy digestion, immune system support, natural energy boost, and increase in nutrient absorption.

Adia Nutrition recently announced the opening of their online probiotic store. On this site, they offer their “On the Go” probiotic drink mix. They have developed this Adia powder to fit conveniently into consumers’ busy lifestyles. The Company’s powders and chews are specifically designed to travel in a purse, backpack, or briefcase, and do not require refrigeration.

3Me Chief Executive Officer, Wen Peng, commented recently, “The opening of the online store marks a significant milestone in our goal to bring the power of probiotics to the entire country. Our ‘On the Go’ probiotic will fit into your lifestyle and we are excited to have this available.”

Adia Nutrition probiotic powder is now available in more than 30 retail locations in Orange County, California and Boston, Massachusetts. Adia recently launched an affiliate program with 10 market leaders in the health and nutrition business. In addition to the search engine optimization program under way for further recognition in the probiotics space, Adia is collaborating with nutrition sites and developing relationships with leading bloggers and marketers.

Adia Nutrition is currently in the process of developing new products for an expanded product line. The products are being examined by a major health food chain. Once complete, the chain may consider adding them as new products, which could provide a huge boost in sales while also increasing the influence of the Adia Nutrition brand and credibility at the retail level.

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