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StreamTrack, Inc. (STTK) Harnesses The Power Of Customer Loyalty To Generate Steady Revenue

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Customer loyalty is all about getting the attention of the right customer and providing that customer with a product or service that they keep coming back to buy. Consumers have a plethora of commerce options before them, and if a company or brand isn't successful at gaining its customer's trust and loyalty, that company is failing one of the key necessities for keeping its doors open for business.

StreamTrack, a digital media and technology services company specializing in audio and video streaming and advertising services, has created a no-cost loyalty program targeting music audiences around the world. This platform not only provides consumers with an array of entertainment options, but also creates a revenue stream for STTK through advertising and marketing opportunities based on customer loyalty.

RadioLoyaltyâ„¢ rewards users of Internet radio and mobile stations that use the company's UniversalPlayerâ„¢ platform. After signing up for the free RadioLoyalty service, listeners and/or viewers earn points for listening/watching and performing other tasks on the platform. These points are redeemable for merchandise through RadioLoyalty.

RadioLoyalty provides advertisers with a connection to a highly targeted and brand loyal audience that spans more than 1,000 terrestrial and Internet broadcasts. Advertisers select their target demographics, formats, and geographic areas and then launch an advertising campaign based on the specific criteria.

For broadcasters, RadioLoyalty serves as a comprehensive tool for increasing audience and revenue. RadioLoyalty is free of charge for broadcasters; their content is what keep customers coming back for more, which in turn generates more advertising appeal for STTK.

The broader strategy isn't about increasing sales to improve the bottom line, but rather to create a solid base of customers that keeps listeners coming back to RadioLoyalty for more entertainment and redeemable loyalty points. STTK's goal is to provide a unique experience for consumers to watch and listen to content through its no-cost platforms while offering advertisers and broadcasters a cost-effective means to reach a loyal target audience.

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