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DoMark International, Inc. (DOMK) Sees Limitless Opportunities In Mobile Device Accessories Market

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Few people remember it, but there was a time when Apple was the largest personal printer name in the world. Their LaserWriter, the first to utilize PostScript technology for superior image representation, helped drive the desktop publishing revolution in the 1980s, and introduced truly flexible printing to personal computers. Consumer printing technology eventually changed, adopting inkjet technology using different control software, but it shows how a computer accessory such as printing can become a massive market in itself when a creative technology is introduced.

It's a lesson not lost on DoMark International, which is actively engaged in building an integrated suite of accessories, including printing, for mobile devices. The mobile device market has been exploding, as consumers demand high-end functionality while on the move. It's an open invitation for creative accessories, and DoMark has been grabbing every opportunity to fill the gap.

The company has been buying into a wide range of new mobile device accessories, working with companies to develop and market their new technologies.

•DoMark holds a 31% equity stake in Imagic, and has acquired the IP and patent application for the Imagic cartridge printer, for use with smartphones and tablets. The printer provides durable, fade-free photos to be printed from any smartphone or tablet via wireless connection without the use of dye ribbons, ink, or sheets of chemically treated paper. The plug-in renewable paper cartridge offers 20, 6×4 inch post card-sized prints of 100% digital reproduction quality.

•Imagic is also producing SmartLink, allowing content on a tablet or smartphone to wirelessly transmit to any television. This means that any mobile device downloaded content can now be seen or played on TV in full HD 1080P. Used in conjunction with the new Imagic Game Controller, mobile device game applications can now be played on HD TV.

•DoMark also holds 20% of Zaktek, owners of the PhonePad Plus, which allows a smartphone to be turned into a fully functioning stand-alone tablet simply by inserting the phone into the PhonePad Plus. From the user's standpoint, it effectively offers a tablet without having to pay a tablet price.

•DoMark's subsidiary, SolaWerks, produces a one-of-a-kind IR phone charger, allowing device charging with any light source, or even from radiant heat.

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