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Calpian, Inc. (CLPI) Makes Mobile Transaction Processing Easy

|Includes: MoneyOnMobile, Inc (MOMT)

Calpian subsidiary Calpian Commerce is actually a set of companies that have joined forces and technologies to provide transaction services for U.S. businesses. The technology part of the equation is critical, since the transaction technology landscape is constantly changing. In particular, an increasing number of merchants want the ability to perform mobile processing, allowing customers to purchase goods and services away from any store or even Internet access. For example, in a recreational environment, away from any store or computer, a vendor may want to sell services or rental items to visitors, people that have nothing but a credit card. Mobility is the new face of commerce, but it has been difficult to deal with until now.

Aircharge, part of the Calpian Commerce community of companies, has the hardware and software necessary to allow any vendor to sell in a totally mobile setting. Their Aircharge wireless terminal operates like an in-store card processing system, except that it communicates with a merchant bank account using a cell phone. Here's how it works:

• The vendor has the special mobile Aircharge wireless terminal, not much bigger than a cell phone, together with a cell phone that contains downloaded Aircharge software.

• When a customer wants to buy something, the software on the cell phone automatically and instantly pairs up with the Aircharge terminal.

• The customer's credit card is swiped through the slot on the mobile terminal, and the information is immediately communicated, via the paired cell phone, to the vendor's merchant account for approval, using secure gateway processing.

• The final approval displays on the cell phone, and the Aircharge mobile terminal prints a receipt.

• The vendor gets a customer signature, and the transaction is finished. It's that simple.

Aircharge is compatible with virtually every cell phone/PDA device that's in the marketplace today, and, their payments software is compatible with most leading Android, Blackberry, cell phones and Sprint / Nextel handset devices.

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