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Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RAFA) Is A Solid Ship On A Rising Sea

One investment rule of thumb is to look for a solid ship on a rising sea. In this case, the rising sea is the Russian pharmaceutical industry, driven by a need that is clearly recognized by the Russian government. The government is actively encouraging the growth of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, with specific support for selected companies to foster the growing production of both basic and innovative drugs, all in a move to reduce the country's dependence on foreign medicines.

The efforts of the government, together with a clear market need, have pushed the overall Russian pharmaceutical industry to record growth, and it is now expected to top $10 billion by 2014, and some say as much as $60 billion by 2020, with biotech R&D playing a significant role. Various areas around the country have become focal points for this drive, and a number of U.S. and European pharmaceutical companies are either moving or building research and production facilities in Russia to take advantage of growing market opportunities and a generally supportive climate. Russia has become an especially popular place to pursue clinical trials, given its reputation for both financial support and the expediting of the trial process.

The "solid ship" in this picture is Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, relatively new but already one of the leading research companies in the Russian pharmaceutical industry. Rafarma is positioned to benefit from federal initiatives, and by 2018 the company intends to be one of the top players in the Russian pharmaceutical market, producing a range of generic and alternative basic pharmaceutical products available for sale at "mass market" prices. The company has been listed as one of the leading and most prospective projects in the modern Russian pharmaceutical and medical industry. Rafarma considers itself on track to saturate the Russian market as a European-based specialist pharmaceutical producer. The company is also securing its foothold to penetrate international markets such as Brazil and the Southeast Asian sub-continent.

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