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Scorpex, Inc. (SRPX) to Grow with Mexico’s Rising Economy

Scorpex, Inc. has linked its future to Mexico and the country’s increasing importance to the United States. Scorpex is a developing company, positioning itself as a critical provider of industrial and hazardous waste handling services for the growing Baja Mexico/California region. The expanding need for waste processing in the area is made clear by the reception the fledgling company is receiving, both from the government and regional industry. The company is currently finishing its first facility near Ensenada, Baja, Mexico, and already has more business available than it can handle. Once all of the state-of-the-art processing equipment is installed and operational, and final permits are in hand, the company expects to be able to process roughly 800 tons of waste per day.

As Mexico continues to build its economic importance to the U.S., Scorpex is in line to benefit from the growing demand for adequate handling of industrial wastes brought on by increased manufacturing, export, and distribution traffic. The relatively strong recent growth of Mexican industrial output, from auto manufacturing and other areas, in spite of the current state of the American economy, is surprising to some, since the vast majority of Mexico’s exports head north to the U.S. As a buffer against any future negative impact, Mexico’s central bank is expected by some to maintain growth by reducing interest rates. Official forecasts now call for a 3.5% economic growth in 2012. Mexico’s Secretary of Finance, Ernesto Cordero, stated the most basic goal of the government’s economic strategy: “Mexico needs to keep growing and distance itself from fiscal crises in other countries.”

For Scorpex, an important development in U.S.-Mexican economic relations was the recent agreement between the two countries to remove restrictions on trucks using each other’s highways. It was a major sticking point associated with the North American Free Trade Agreement, and its resolution brings the end of high Mexican tariffs, and should stimulate growth on both sides of the border. Besides direct benefits to Scorpex, and the truck traffic it involves, there are more general long-term benefits. As industrial and other business activity rises, the need for what Scorpex offers, already very high, will no doubt increase.

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