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DoMark International, Inc. (DOMK): The Mobile Opportunity

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There's no debating the popularity and ubiquity of mobile devices. It seems that everyone carries one. As big as the market is for mobile devices, the market for software applications and hardware accessories for these devices is even bigger. Everyone that has a mobile device has multiple add on and ancillary products. From chargers, to apps, to interface applications, the mobile device accessory market is limited only by imagination.

DoMark International certainly doesn't lack the imagination or the ability to capitalize on this burgeoning market. Like many, Domark International is convinced that the mobile accessory market offers even greater growth potential than that of the actual mobile devices. With an experienced management team and a laser focus on game-changing products, the company has embarked on an aggressive growth strategy to capitalize on this opportunity.

DoMark's strategy is to own, develop, and market patented game-changing mobile device products. Current products in development include Solawerks IR phone charger, a MIT developed solar charger that delivers 200% more power use with either indoor or outdoor light. A Smartphone can be turned into a Tablet at half the price just by docking it into their Zaktek PhonePad+. This revolutionary hardware marries the Smartphone and the Tablet, two of the world's most popular devices. Their Smartlink system wirelessly connects Smart phones and tablets direct to HDTV. The Smartlink disc transmitter delivers latency free 100% digital replication without the need for Wi-Fi and is planned for release in 2014. The company also owns and plans to roll out Smartphone game controller hardware and a unique wireless printer designed specifically for Smartphones and tablets.

DoMark has a penchant for patented disruptive technologies for mobile devices, constantly searching for game-changing technology with mass market consumer appeal. Once targeted, they buy or license these technologies. By owning the products, the brands, and the intellectual properties DoMark is positioned to make its mark in the mobile device accessory market.

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