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BAZI International, Inc. (BAZI) and Sports Authority Enter Partnership

BAZI International, Inc. announced that their products will be sold at stores in the Sports Authority sporting goods chain throughout the United States. The national sporting goods retailer operates more than 450 retail locations.

BAZI is a producer of foods and beverages intended for the enhancement of health and physical performance. Their primary product line features the BAZI energy beverage, which includes ingredients such as acai, blueberry, pomegranate, as well as other vitamins and antioxidants. The company boasts Olympic athletes among its endorsers.

The Sports Authority partnership continues a string of recent distribution announcements with sports and drug stores such as SportsTech and Rite Aid. BAZI products are also to be sold at multiple convenience store chains, including Atlas Oil, 7-Eleven, Circle-K, and Exxon and Shell branded stores.

Debbie Wildrick, CEO of BAZI, said, “We believe our partnership with Sports Authority is a natural fit for BAZI because their customers, like ours, are health conscious athletic consumers. And, BAZI is the natural alternative for energy and performance for the active consumer. Furthermore, BAZI provides a natural boost of energy, performance and nutrition for the educated, health conscious consumer. We are extremely proud to partner with a Colorado-based company who is also leader in the sports apparel and equipment industry. The selection of our product by Sports Authority has opened the door for us to their national distributing partner Europa Sports Products, Inc., a sports supplements distributor which also supplies products to thousands of other specialty retailers, internet sites, and health clubs across the U.S.”

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