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Intelimax Media Inc. (IXMD) Has A Huge Built-In Market

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One of the biggest areas in consumer marketing is accessories, an added product or service that targets an existing core product base. The advantage of course is the fact that there are already dedicated customers out there, people who have purchased a core product, people who are known and easier to access, and who are likely to have an established need for what you have to offer. It can be so lucrative that entire industries have sprung up almost overnight based upon providing accessory products and services.

However, there are also markets which, although they are often seen in terms of accessories because they are so closely associated with an existing core product, are really better viewed as industry spin-offs. One of the fastest growing recent examples of such a market is fantasy sports, and particularly fantasy football, where users create their own teams with game results based upon real-life player statistics. It used to be a pastime limited to educated sports fans who were comfortable handling a lot of paper and pencil calculation, but that has all changed now. Cloud-based digital processing power allows fans from all over the world to easily communicate and interact, quickly handling even the most involved number crunching. It's now got millions of dedicated players, almost all of which can be attributed to the fact that American football itself has a ready-made fan base from which to draw. In other words, it has the primary advantages of a good accessories market.

For Intelimax Media, developers of, a proprietary fantasy sports platform, it's a potential gravy train that promises to keep getting bigger. Their platform is unique, allowing players to compete in weekly or even daily contests, versus requiring involvement for an entire season. As such, it is a logical draw for new users, people who will get used to the Intelimax platform and continue with it as they and it expand. And it's not just for football. People can focus on whatever sports they prefer, including baseball, basketball, and hockey, with more in the pipeline. In addition, the system is set up to provide Intelimax with multiple and varied revenue streams, just like a hot accessories market.

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