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Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) ‏is “One to Watch”

Independent Film Development Corp. is an international distributor of digital films and producer in the multibillion dollar independent film industry‏. As an independent film development and distribution company, they connect independent film producers with development, financing, and distribution resources. The Company’s corporate mission is to develop, produce, and acquire films with high profit margins and built in “profit” safety nets. IFLM has their corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

The Company’s plan of operations emphasizes three main areas of film production: co-financing, acquiring product in the development stage, and IFLM’s own film production. This, combined with film distribution via their parent company’s new film distribution subsidiary, makes up the revenue model.

IFLM’s overall plan of operations is to acquire and develop independent films for production, sales, and distribution. Their objective is significant partnerships with film studios, including Lionsgate and Sony. This is while at the same time emulating those companies’ recipes for success. IFLM’s plan is to focus on film distribution, as it is the most profitable segment of the film industry.

The Company works to take advantage of the combined talents of an experienced management/producing and sales/distribution team to develop, produce, and acquire films for sale and distribution. They will look to incorporate and acquire additional entertainment businesses that compliment and assist the Company’s current portfolio.

IFLM, initially, will produce quality, moderately budgeted feature-length motion pictures, from an array of genres, for global distribution. They will generally develop these internally. These films will have a majority of the production budget pre-sold prior to starting production. IFLM will look to have approximately 75 percent of any individual budget covered by license fees to mitigate the downside risk of production.

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