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AirTouch Communications (ATCH) Expands with Local Partnership to Provide Rural Chinese with Wireless Products

AirTouch Communications, a provider of a unique combination of cordless telephone technology and wireless signal amplification that enables users to access a full range of wireless services over existing cellular networks, today announced the registration of “AirTouch China” as a joint partnership with one of the largest distributors of Epson products in China to help put wireless services in the hands of rural Chinese. The establishment of AirTouch China will allow the company to obtain purchase orders from Chinese carriers, including China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicorn, plus sell its hardware products like HomeConneX X2000, which operates at up to 10 times the signal strength of a cell phone for voice and text, to areas where landline infrastructure is scarce.

Air Touch’s products have the most potential for marketing in areas where there is a weak wireless signal and in emerging countries or areas where there is limited landline infrastructure. AirTouch can cost-effectively bridge the gap between the closest point of communication service access and the end consumer. When wireless service is unreliable, Air Touch amplifies the signal through the base for less potential health risk to the user and with strengths that allow for use up to 900 feet from the base unit.

“The joint venture is a win-win proposition for AirTouch and the millions of rural Chinese with no or limited access to voice, Internet, IPTV for entertainment, and other advanced communications service,” said AirTouch CEO Hide Kanakubo in a press release on Tuesday. Kanakubo noted that the Chinese do not have the resources to lay out fiber or copper landlines over China’s vast geography and terrain, making wireless the more economical solution. He added that the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) are all in need of rapidly deploying wireless communications into rural areas in an effort to meet the demand for access to voice, Internet and entertainment services. AirTouch provides a faster and less expensive solution than landlines and plans to offer its services to those countries as well.

AirTouch’s product is currently marketed by some of the predominant national wireless carriers through their indirect agent channel. The company holds three U.S. patents and has four patents pending for its technology.

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