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ECrypt Technologies, Inc. (ECRY) Addresses The Rapidly Growing Security Market With Superior Technology

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The world is full of good guys and bad guys, full of people who make mistakes, and full of information that is meant for the eyes of only a few. It's the business of eCrypt Technologies to deal with all of this, and do it in a cost-effective and user-friendly way that is acceptable to the marketplace. Their approach is in response to traditional information security systems which the company views as needlessly complicated, ineffective, costly, and even counterproductive.

eCrypt develops and sells encryption and security systems for a range of data communication environments, offering eCrypt One, a military strength email and encryption system that effectively safeguards the exchange, storage, and audit integrity of email and attachments. It's designed to be both highly effective and easy to use.

eCrypt One is a fortified system that is essentially closed to data leaks, assuring the integrity of email and attachments, and it enables broad or granular security and access policies for comprehensive control. The self-contained system, with inherent security properties that mitigates human error or sabotage, consolidates administrative tasks into a single interface, while making it easy to integrate with familiar legacy services. It also has a Visitor Access Point that addresses the need to interact with external parties. Advanced functionality is intuitive, rendering complex training programs unnecessary, and the system is kept simple between multiple devices for a single user.

eCrypt One is holistically customizable, allowing the design to accurately reflect security requirements in the context of unique business needs and goals. It is also upgradable, without the need for a patchwork of complicated add-ons and fixes. In addition, it includes a comprehensive set of compliance tools with a dedicated compliance officer role to ensure that organizations stay ahead of the regulatory curve.

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