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Mabwe Minerals Inc. (MBMI) – Unearthing Barite For The Demands Of Global Oil And Gas Production

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Mabwe Minerals, a subsidiary of U.S. based Raptor Resources Holding, is focused on the logistics, mining, and commercial sale of barite and other minerals in Zimbabwe in southern Africa. Primary operations are at Dodge Mine, located on a rich hydrothermal mountain range, bearing not only superior grade barite, but also abundant limestone and talc.

The Dodge Mine, located in northeastern Zimbabwe, has been confirmed to hold world-class potential for commercialized mining of barite. The Dodge Mine Validation Study has authenticated a full 411K tons of barite across 7% of the property, with gravity mapping suggesting large barite deposits throughout the property.

Barite is a naturally occurring mineral used in oil and natural gas production, as well as in the automotive, medical diagnostic, and paint pigment industries. Barite has an unusually high specific gravity that enables its use as a weighting agent in oil and gas exploration and excavation. The oil and gas drilling industry is its biggest user worldwide, accounting for approximately 80-85% of total barite volume consumption. In addition, global demand for barite is expected to increase by 16% over the next two years. In some areas of the Middle East barite demand is expected to jump by as much as 50%.

The company is currently involved in the evaluation and grading of produced barite, allowing it to be earmarked for appropriate markets having varying requirements, and providing the company with a better idea of the mine's ultimate revenue potential. Mabwe's many already established alliances ensure cost-effective and dependable support for all aspects of associated mining and shipping operations, as well as an exceptionally strong regional presence.

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