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StreamTrack, Inc. (STTK) Leverages Two Unique Platforms For Effective Digital Advertising

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According to a report from Pricewaterhouse Coopers on October 9, digital ad spending exceeded $20 billion in the first six months of 2013. That amount was an increase of 18% from the first half of last year's amount, which was $17 billion. The report noted that the increase made 2013 the fifth consecutive year for double-digit digital ad spending growth in the first half. Another remarkable revelation was that 2013's first half revenues of $20.1 billion were a sizable 509% increase over 2003's $3.3 billion.

The figures did not end there, either. Digital ad spending growth eclipsed that of the total media market, which only experienced 3% growth in the same time, with national TV and magazines each increasing only 4%.

Based on these numbers, it's clear that digital advertising is on the rise and increasing in popularity. And as advertising dynamics continue to respond to new consumer expectations for more engaging formats for information and entertainment content, aggregate digital ad spending is likely to balloon to even higher, never-before-heard-of levels. That'll make it even more difficult for companies without large advertising budgets to keep up.

StreamTrack Media, a digital media technology services company, has paved the way for a clear alternative. The company has developed a unique set of technologies for publishers/broadcasters or advertisers to reach and engage tens of millions of consumers with great results-and without the steep price tag.

Some of StreamTrack Media's primary solutions for optimized advertising ROIs and traffic conversion are:

•RadioLoyalty, a platform that makes music, talk radio, sports, and advertising content available for dissemination on a mobile phone or over the Internet. The platform delivers audio and video streaming and advertising services to over 5,000 internet and terrestrial radio stations and other broadcast content providers. It also enables users to redeem loyalty points for merchandise.

All an advertiser has to do is pick the targeted demographics, formats, and geographic areas of focus. StreamTrack takes care of the rest. As for broadcasters, RadioLoyalty costs nothing to use and enables them to collect and redeem RadioLoyalty points as their listeners do the same.

•, a patent-pending platform that will use DionyVision digital video player technology to revolutionize the entertainment industry through a convergence of original network content and interactive product placement. This platform will offer users web, mobile and IP television streaming services that are e-commerce-enabled within streamed content.

•UniversalPlayer, a platform that has a potential audience reach of 37+ million unique users in the U.S. and 80+ million unique users worldwide per month. The platform's audience reach ability is growing, too.

•, a source of free streaming music at 256kbs that features many of today's most popular artists and their best hits.

Consumers are or will be able to access these channels for quality, engaging content for free.

StreamTrack Media also offers technologies for top-quality in-media advertising solutions, optimized lead generation and conversion, and easy, flowing advertising campaign creation and management.

The company plans to continue building upon these technologies as well as developing and applying new ones for increased, cost-effective global audience engagement.

A comprehensive list, along with more information about StreamTrack Media and its pioneering efforts in entertainment and advertising can be found at:

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