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TiVUS, Inc. (TIVU) Contributes to Hotel of the Future

|Includes: Tivus, Inc. (TIVU)

TiVUS considers itself the future of hotel entertainment. The company, a technology entertainment services provider for hotels worldwide, delivers a first-of-its-kind high-definition IPTV system that takes full advantage of the powerful capabilities of Internet-Protocol Television. Few dispute that it represents a high-tech revolution in what used to be a generally lackluster service, traditionally characterized by standard cable television service. The TiVUS system, besides creating the most user-friendly and customizable entertainment environment for guests, also offers the hotel itself a platform for generating previously unavailable revenue through ad revenue sharing, an industry first.

Hotels and resorts can choose a customizable selection of programming, best suited to the hotel’s brand and corporate vision.

• Free-to-Guest programming
• Video-on-Demand with first-run movies
• No charge for opting-out of any programming, such as VOD adult content
• Video Games on demand
• News applications
• Social media applications
• Internet browser
• Room-to-room messaging
• Express checkout with invoices
• Energy management programs
• Customizable interface

The TiVUS e-SmarTV™ provides all of these services with an integrated set-top box and wireless Internet router in the on-board circuitry. TiVUS Connect™ lets guests connect laptops, video game consoles, and mobile devices for use through the e-SmarTV, giving guests the ability to use their electronics just as they would at home. With TiVUS’ e-SmartRoom™, a total in-room info-tainment setup, guests can surf the net, order room service, shop, review room bill details, enjoy TV and movies, send e-mail, and much more, all in the comfort of the hotel room.

The cost of upgrading to such a new and differentiating level of guest entertainment is minimized through the use of the TiVUS patent-pending ad insertion technology for ad revenue sharing. In addition, TiVUS branded HD flat screen televisions include integrated set-top boxes and wireless routers, reducing the need for extra equipment. And future costs are lessened by the virtually limitless scalability built in to the system.

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