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PITOOEY! (PTOO) Mobile Medium Marketing

It doesn't take a lot of effort to realize that the world of advertising and marketing have changed radically over the last decades. Newspapers used to dominate in the advertising arena. But now newspapers are dead and dying, trying to hang on to an outdated business model. Even the publishing icon The Washington Post, founded over a hundred and thirty years ago, has been sold to internet wizard and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Newspapers were initially challenged by television, which rapidly gained market share and fast became the medium of choice for advertising. Now television too has been challenged. The television advertising market has been in statistical downslide since the advent of the internet and there's no turning back. More and more advertising moved online, targeting potential customers at their computers. But now, even the effectiveness of internet advertising has been in a downslide. Everything has now moved to mobile.

The introduction of the smartphone has changed the landscape for advertisers and marketers forever. The consumer now is constantly connected and has information at their fingertips wherever they might be. Advertisers recognized this shift and began to chase consumers through this new medium. However consumers have been bombarded with too much irrelevant and unwanted information. Despite the ubiquity of the smartphone, businesses and advertisers have stumbled in effectively reaching consumers.

Change has come to the digital advertising and marketing arena. The global digital marketing industry is predicted to reach over $160 billion by 2016 and one digital marketing agency in particular plans to change the landscape with their unique approach and business model. PITOOEY! is positioned to capitalize on this growth with an array of products and services that enhance communication between businesses and their target audiences.

PITOOEY! provides social and mobile marketing products and services for business and consumers through its wholly owned subsidiaries: Choice One Mobile and PITOOEY! Mobile. PITOOEY! Mobile is an exciting new consumer centered proprietary mobile app. This new mobile application is a profile based search engine within a mobile app. It lets users personalize profiles of their favorite businesses and enables them to receive info, offers, and updates on their own terms and no longer get bombarded with unwanted messages.

This new platform is being embraced by both businesses and consumers, evidenced by PITOOEY!'s rapid customer and revenue growth. There's no doubt that a new marketing medium has emerged. With both the means and methodology, PITOOEY! fully intends to capitalize on this new medium.

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