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Sohm, Inc. (SHMN) Generic Pharmaceuticals On A Global Scale

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Sohm is an international generic and private brand pharmaceutical company. The company is committed to being a global leader in improving the health and quality of people's lives. Their focus is on the development, manufacturing and sale of quality branded generic pharmaceuticals as well as the company's own innovative line of cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals. As Sohm says, they add life to lives.

Generic pharmaceuticals have gained wide acceptance with the public, physicians, and pharmacists. Cost savings can be substantial using generic drug substitutes while the quality remains the same. As more and more drugs lose patent protection over the coming years, global expansion of the generic pharmaceuticals market is a given.

Sohm was voted the fastest growing generics prescription drug manufacturer in 2012 at the 30th All India Conference of the National Integrated Medical Association. The Company has its U.S. headquarters in Buena Park, CA, with international headquarters located in India. The company also has several corporate offices located within the UK and China. This global reach requires a commitment by Sohm to strictly adhere to all applicable international regulatory requirements and to the highest degree of industry standards. Sohm ensures compliance by continuous assessment and monitoring of the output of the existing quality systems, and the application of evolving industry guidelines and regulations including all WHO-CGMP and USFDA guidelines.

In addition to producing and selling high quality generic pharmaceuticals, Sohm private brands various supplements and has developed expertise in various drug delivery technologies. The company has gained recognition for their multiple drug delivery technologies which include solid dosage form, oral-controlled and sustained release semi-solid, liquid, oral Trans' mucosal, transdermal, gel, injectable, plus the application of these technologies to proprietary drug forms. These and other innovations have propelled Sohm to prominence in generic pharmaceutical delivery systems.

With unabated increases in healthcare costs, an aging population, and multiple branded products losing patent protection over the coming years, SOHM is well positioned to make an impact the global generic pharmaceuticals market.

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