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Intelimax Media, Inc. (IXMD) Growing By Leaps And Bounds

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Intelimax Media is a digital entertainment company that caters to the consumer frenzy of one of the hottest game industries in North America, fantasy sports. It offers value to sports fans by presenting them a clear alternative to traditional fantasy sports options. More specifically, its unique fantasy sports platform,, allows fans to build their teams and compete on a daily or weekly basis, as opposed to having their team choices locked in for a whole season.

Fantasy sports is a digital pastime in which sports devotees can create teams and then go head-to-head against each other based on the statistics that their team players or teams produce in real life. Participants often play in customized 'leagues', typically made up of family members, co-workers, or other devoted followers of their particular sport focus. For some, it's a pleasurable way to pass time while others pursue it more vigorously, treating it as a way to earn money off winnings.

Over 36 million devoted sports fans in just the United States are said to be a part of the action, with each participant estimated to spend around $500 annually. The pastime spans across all demographic profiles, showing a strong following especially across different age groups. With the industry estimated to be around a sizable $5 billion a year, there's definitely some room for acquiring some market share.

IXMD reports it is doing just that. Since the start of NFL football in September 2013, the company reports its active membership has shot up by over 2,045%, with sign-ups increasing daily. The company is actively looking to add more sport participation options to its portfolio of available sports indulgences, too. In addition to offering more frequent chances for competitive interaction among fantasy sports team owners, IXMD offers hundreds of options for competitiveness aside from the "typical" football, baseball, hockey, and basketball options. IXMD members can compete in contest options ranging from 2 to 200 people, and for entry fees ranging from zero to $500. The prize payouts are a bonus, too: they can range from just a few dollars to tens of thousands.

IXMD notes that daily fantasy sports contests are growing in popularity. In just North America alone, there is potential for up to 30 million seasonal fantasy sports players to cross over into the more frequent contest options. That, coupled with the millions of active sports lovers throughout the United States, represents a strong market opportunity for IXMD to build a loyal following and keep itself in the sports fantasy industry for the long haul.

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