Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (MEEC) Has Eyes On The World

Nov. 07, 2013 5:41 PM ETMEEC
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Pollution, in spite of the discourse it can spawn between developed and emerging nations, may end up being a world unifying force. The reason for this is simple; the same pollution issues that have been dividing nations are now bringing them together. It's all due to the fact that the problems associated with pollution tend to travel, affecting regions far from their origin.

Rivers can take pollution from one country and deposit it in the next. Air currents can spread particulates and toxic gases across a continent. Global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions could affect the entire world. As a result, nations have begun to direct more attention to their neighbors, and this in turn has gradually coalesced into a unified worldwide demand for pollution control. These increasingly unified global pressures have helped accelerate pollution control measures in countries that might in the past have simply looked the other way.

The most recent example of such pressures comes from Japan, where researchers are claiming that the air above Mount Fuji is being polluted with mercury originating from China's power plants and industry. This was on the heels of a major international meeting and ultimate agreement to control mercury emissions. In the case of China, where the government is struggling to keep up with a fast growing industrial economy, both internal and external forces to control pollution are now being taken more seriously than ever.

Indications are that China plans to introduce major legislation designed to attack air, water, and soil pollution like never before. It will be a major task in a country facing some of history's worst pollution problems, but more environmentally directed draft laws are now being encouraged in China than at any previous time.

For Midwest Energy Emissions Corp., a U.S. based environmental services company, it all shows the growing international scope of the pollution market and their potential for growth beyond national borders. The company develops and delivers patented, cost-effective mercury capture systems and technologies to power plants and other coal-burning units in the U.S. and Canada. Their stated goal is to deliver leading edge, cost-effective solutions for mercury emissions control to utility boilers around the world.

For more information on Midwest Energy Emissions, visit MidwestEmissions.com

QualityStocks provides investor relations services to publicly traded companies in exchange for compensation. This article may be part of our efforts to widen a client's exposure. To read our full disclaimer, visit http://disclaimer.qualitystocks.net

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