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Total Nutraceutical Solutions, Inc. (TNUS) Secures USDA Organic Certification

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Total Nutraceutical Solutions, developers of a sophisticated portfolio of extraction and refinement biotechnologies for commercializing enhanced antioxidants destined for the thriving organic nutraceutical/cosmetic sector, reported the reception of key USDA organic certification for the Company’s manufacturing/handling processes.

Internationally recognized OCTO (Oregon Tilth Certified Organic) approval was received via a certification process conducted by Oregon Tilth, using the powerful and well respected OCTO benchmarking system for production standards. The full-spectrum program covers everything from on-site inspections to the legal contracting designed to protect buyers/producers of organic products, ruling out errors or contamination by ensuring appropriate safeguards at each step.

This certification allows TNUS to market and package their proprietary mushroom-based functional food ingredient, Ergo-D2™ (super-fortified with L-Ergothioneine and Vitamin D2) line of supplements/ingredients, using the coveted “100% Organic” label. This is extremely good news for TNUS, as the consumer base becomes increasingly tuned-in to the vast health benefits of such highly potent antioxidants; the Company is there with the maximum level of organic certification currently recognized by the USDA.

Such prime positioning for Ergo-D2, the key component of which is derived from specific filamentous fungi and cannot be produced inside the human body, places the product at the front of the line for end markets in a variety of disease states linked to free radicals/oxidative stress. With several provisional clinical use patents and current evaluation of Ergo-D2 at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital for treating Parkinson’s via dietary supplement, TNUS is in a strong position to capture significant space in areas like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, depression, Metabolic Syndrome, concussive brain trauma as well as many other comorbid chronic inflammatory conditions.

CEO of TNUS, Marvin S. Hausman, underscored the solid rise of consumer demand for organic supplements in the US (up 7.4% to $681M in 2010 alone), which is anticipated to continue leading the non-food segment of the organic market ($29B in 2011). Hausman emphasized that the vast majority of vitamin D supplements you see on stores shelves are chemically extracted, while Ergo-D2 is packed with the natural vitamin D present in mushrooms and was extracted using the Company’s patent-pending ultraviolet light systems. Hausman concluded by assuring investors that the 100% organic, vegan and chemical-free labeling is a huge draw for the target market, who can now obtain the same levels of vitamin D as present in other supplements, but in a format they can trust.

Just another step towards greatness for TNUS, whose portfolio of offerings keeps getting stronger and making the Company harder to dismiss as a leader.

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