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FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. (FPMI) Announces Additional Patent Protection in the U.S. and China

Today before the opening bell, FluoroPharma Medical announced that composition of matter patents covering AZPET, the company’s Alzheimer’s Disease agent, have been issued by the U.S. patent office expiring in 2028. FluoroPharma has also been granted patent rights in China for BFPET, its imaging agent for measuring cardiovascular blood flow. The patents will expand the company’s intellectual property protection in these important growth markets where diagnostic imaging is playing an increasingly significant role in the early detection of disease.

FluoroPharma is developing breakthrough diagnostic imaging products that utilize positron emission tomography (PET) technology, a molecular imaging platform that is growing rapidly due to its inherently superior sensitivity and specificity compared to other imaging options. The company’s imaging products will give clinicians the ability to detect and assess pathology before clinical manifestation of diseases.

“There is an urgent need to encourage fast, early diagnostic intervention and to recognize the advantages that early diagnosis entails for both patients and overall economics of healthcare systems around the globe,” stated Dr. David Elmaleh, FluoroPharma’s Chairman of the Board of Directors and inventor of the technology. “Improved patient outcomes and more appropriate treatments are possible if better, earlier diagnoses are made. Our agents harness the power of PET/CT to give this utility.”

“Strong composition of matter patents in both the U.S. and high growth markets like China are very important to the commercial potential for BFPET and AZPET,” commented Thijs Spoor, FluoroPharma’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “China represents one of the most significant sources for growth of PET technology and therefore PET imaging agents. This patent grant along with the others in our growing patent estate should add to the value of FluoroPharma’s technology and be recognized by potential partners.”

In addition to the United States, Europe and China, patents related to FluoroPharma’s portfolio of imaging compounds have been issued in Japan, Canada, Australia, Finland, Portugal, and Ireland.

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