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TiVUS, Inc. (TIVU) Differentiates Itself through Blend of Technologies

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TiVUS, an entertainment technology systems provider for the hospitality industry, believes that it stands out in a rapidly growing industry through a number of unique features that maximize the potential of IPTV.

For TiVUS, the principal differentiator is the rich availability of choice: choice of programming, on-screen promotions, style, messaging, and the number of ways hotels can use the new technology to generate revenue. Hotels are given a customizable selection of programming to pass on to guests, with a range of the most popular entertainment content. In addition, the TiVUS HD IPTV service does not levy additional fees to opt-out of adult content or other programming. The TiVUS e-SmarTV uses an integrated set-top box and wireless Internet router in the on-board circuitry to provide all services, and TiVUS Connect gives guests the ability to connect laptops, video game consoles, and even mobile devices through the e-SmarTV.

But perhaps the most important feature for the hotel is that TiVUS allows for the generation of revenue through ad-insertion. TiVUS provides an HD IPTV solution with patented ad-insertion technology that creates new revenue opportunities for hospitality operators. TiVUS’ Solution increases movie revenue and HSIA revenue, along with guest satisfaction. Revenue can be generated through licensing agreements with content providers, and actively through targeted advertising to specific demographics, with special algorithms presenting real-time ad targeting based on user programming selections and preferences.

The company’s ad insertion technology and IPTV platform also reduces system costs through the use of integrated set-top boxes and wireless routers, decreasing up-front equipment requirements. In addition, the future-proof scalable architecture of the system eliminates costly upgrades and maintenance.

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