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Mabwe Minerals Inc. (MBMI) Mining Fundamentals

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Mining is a fundamental business; identify and determine market potential of a natural resource, locate and secure the rights to the resources, determine the costs of mining and exploiting the resources, establish a sales channel for the product, mine and refine the resources, then sell the resource for a profit. With the appropriate operating efficiencies and resource margins, mining and hard asset companies can produce great returns.

Mabwe Minerals is just such a mining and natural resources company. The company has identified and determined exceptional market potential of their primary mining target, barite. Barite is a naturally occurring mineral in short supply and the global demand is projected to increase by over 16% in the next few years. Barite is used as a weighting agent in oil and gas drilling to prevent well blowouts and shaft collapses and is also essential in the medical diagnostic, paint pigment, and automotive industries.

Through key partnerships, Mabwe Minerals has located and secured resource rights to rich barite deposits. MBMI's affiliate owns 100% of the mineral and metal rights to Dodge Mine in Zimbabwe which has been identified as the highest grade of new barite source to be brought into commercial production in years.

Independent geologists have reported that these multiple barite deposits are world-class quality. Additionally, these same geologists have confirmed multiple deposits of other profitable minerals and metals on the site and Mabwe Minerals is coordinating drilling plans to exploit these other natural resources.

Mabwe Minerals recently received their first purchase order from strategic partner/master distributor, Steinbock Minerals. The company is meeting all the conditions representing these mining fundamentals. With barite, they have the right product at the right time. They have a minority interested in the Dodge Mine mining operator, WGB Kinsey. Through PHI Commodities, they have exclusive rights to land transportation systems direct to the Port of Beira, Mozambique. Having formed strategic partnerships with Yasheya Limited, they also have direct access to Yasheya vessels to deliver to their customers.

Yes, Mabwe Minerals is meeting all the mining fundamentals necessary to produce great returns!

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