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Cybermesh International Corp. (CYTL) and ContentX Provide Revolutionary Solution to $51 Billion Industry Problem

|Includes: Cybermesh International Corp. (CYTL)

When Cybermesh International and ContentX recently formed a joint venture, focusing on the growing problem of illegal entertainment content downloads, it represented a revolutionary approach to one of the most costly issues facing the software and online content industry. The Business Software Alliance states that 43% of all PC software is actually pirated, resulting in an associated loss to business of roughly $51 billion. This astonishing loss doesn’t even include music downloads or other digital content.

It’s a two-fold problem, involving first the technologies needed to effectively track and identify offenders, who in some cases may be unaware that what they are doing is against the law, and then effectively dealing with the abusers once found. Cybermesh and ContentX believe they have the ideal solution, a combination of technology and psychology that not only finds the wrongdoers, but actually turns them into paying customers. It’s a double benefit that is considered far more valuable than simply putting up bigger barriers and cutting losses. Instead of playing a continual game of cat and mouse with increasingly savvy users, the new approach turns offenders into friends, long-term customers that will generate ongoing revenue; it’s the perfect solution.

The platform used is the only one of its kind, an automated system built on an elastic and highly scalable cloud computing infrastructure, which identifies infringers by the thousands. It then automatically sends them specially designed and carefully worded notices of their illegal use shown to efficiently collect payments or sign up infringers to fee-based services on behalf of the content owners, at no cost to studios or copyright holders. The latest real-life tests of the technology have proven the system’s effectiveness.

ContentX President, Cort St. George, commented on the significance of the latest results: “We have been focused on proving the concept prior to ramping up the volume, which will drive revenues. Our strategy and approach are different than others in the space, therefore it has been our highest priority to prove that infringers are eager to pay to clear their name. For example, one recent infringer was tracked for 17 offenses and promptly paid them all. We are now able to say with confidence that our pilot has been a success and proof of concept has been established.”

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