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OBJ Enterprises (OBJE) Looking At Huge Jump In Mobile App Purchases During Holiday Season

|Includes: MyGo Games Holding Co. (MYGG)

The holidays are drawing closer, and with it the huge but expected explosion in consumer purchases of appliances, accessories, widgets, and gadgets for holiday gifts. Among the hundreds of gifts that will be hot-to-trot his year, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are sure to be among the most popular gift options of all. With all of the newly purchased mobile devices making their ways into consumers' hands, there's likely to be a huge explosion in app download numbers for the new mobile hardware.

Growing game-maker OBJ Enterprises and industry anticipate such a trend, as confirmed by historical performance. NBC News recently reported that during the fourth calendar quarter, the number of apps downloaded is double what is typically downloaded in the typical quarter. Most of those apps purchases have been confirmed to take place in December, as new users begin uploading apps to their new mobile devices.

A few trends illustrate the consumer popularity and appeal of mobile devices globally. Over the course of 2013 alone around 2 billion mobile devices will be shipped globally, and by this year's end there will be more mobile devices on earth than there are people. The Apple Store saw a record 2 billion app downloads during December, of which most of the app downloads were in entertainment and gaming apps.

OBJ Enterprises plans to capitalize on this year's huge jump in app downloads with its own two hot gaming titles, Phantasmic and Bluff Wars 2.0. Both have been earning the company revenues since their launches earlier this year on the Apple App Store and Google Play platforms. OBJ Enterprises also plans to release yet another title, Creature Tavern, in time for the holiday rush as well.

Via its subsidiary, Obscene Interactive, OBJ Enterprises continues to build its portfolio of popular gaming titles for mobile devices with broad, global consumer appeal. The company looks to make these games available across multiple mobile platforms for the greatest marketing value.

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