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Premier Biomedical, Inc. (BIEI) Confirmatory Testing Demonstrates Duplicated Positive Results For Potential Breast Cancer Therapy

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Premier Biomedical, a research-based company focused on developing medical treatments for a range of neurological diseases and more, reports that in collaboration with the University of Texas at El Paso it has conducted a study further confirming the ability of its breast cancer therapy over standard chemotherapy in mice.

Results demonstrate that mice on this regimen had a distinctively higher survival rate, smaller tumor volume, and maintained weight, as opposed to losing body mass as was demonstrated by control subjects on standard chemotherapy.

Notably, no mouse treated with Premier Biomedical's treatment regimen developed metastatic disease, a drastic achievement compared to mice administered traditional therapies in the company's study, 20 percent of which suffered metastases to the lungs.

According to Premier Biomedical, the tumor burden of metastatic lesions causing systemic wasting of body mass is the leading cause of death in patients with breast cancer. The results of the company's study may demonstrate the efficacy of Premier Biomedical's breast cancer candidate regimen as an immune-system-modulating therapy precluding metastatic complications.

Full details of the study are being submitted for peer review to the journal of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics in the coming weeks. That report will delve into methodologies and validate the statistical significance of results. It will also highlight a subset of our study in which pre-existing breast cancer was not only completely eradicated in mice after they received Premier's treatment, but subsequent attempts to inject new tumor cells into those mice failed to cause cancer because their immune system was apparently primed to reject it.

"This confirmation of results is a positive indication of Premier Biomedical's ability to bring desperately needed therapy to patients in need. If our breast cancer treatment regimen can successfully prevent metastasis in human patients as it has in mice, then the impact of our therapy on survival rates would be profoundly significant," William A. Hartman, president and CEO of Premier Biomedical stated in the news release. "Furthermore, our tests verify that we may not only have developed an effective therapy against pre-existing breast cancer, but may also have discovered an effective means of preventing breast cancer recurrence that needs more targeted development. This may be an industry first against the threat of breast cancer."

Hartman added that results of the most recent study support the company's intention to apply for a Section 902 'Breakthrough Therapy' fast track designation from the FDA upon completion of preliminary clinical trials in humans.

Results from Premier Biomedical's now-duplicated breast cancer study has previously been authored and published by The University of Texas at El Paso:

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