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Attune RTD (AURT) Makes BrioWave Technology Commercially Available After Successful Pilot

Attune RTD, an environmentally conscious company that provides smart products to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce energy consumption and optimize existing technologies, announced today that is ready to make its BrioWave technology commercially available after conducting a successful pilot program in Texas with a major wholesale power generation company. The testing took place from November 2010 and ends at the end of next month.

“We had a very successful pilot, the technology now has seen more than one year of continuous field duty time across the state. BrioWave technology has withstood some of the hottest summer temperatures on record as well as some of the coldest winter temperatures. We are ready to make the technology commercially available. With that said, we are excited to continue our working relationship with the utility, and excited to be in the beginning phase of developing another relationship with another major utility,” said Shawn Davis, CEO, Attune RTD in a press statement.

The BrioWave 175p allows customers to monitor the use of their pool and HVAC air conditioning system and allow only one of them to operate at any given time. This produces less of a burden on the energy providers during peak times thus less energy is consumed. It has proven to also be more efficient and energy saving for pool filtration systems, lowering energy costs for consumers and providing more healthy environments. The more consistency of the water flow in the pools has also eliminated the growth of algae, bacteria, pool staining and cloudy water which reduces the higher use of chemicals.

“We are excited because we have real interest and demand developing for the technology that will soon translate into revenue. We have a world class product married to a world class platform, so now the focus is all about sales going forward,” said Thomas Bianco, CFO, Attune RTD in the statement Thursday.
Since electivity cannot be stored like water it is necessary to manage use especially during peak times.

Smoothing out peaks results in lower costs for communities in the long run. The advantages of this product are numerous including the reduction of demand on the electrical generation system which will ultimately affect the cost of electricity to individual consumers.

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