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Ecrypt Technologies, Inc. (ECRY) Poised To Become The Final Word In Data Security

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One small company is set to become a household name when it comes to data security.

Ecrypt Technologies is at the cutting edge of data security, specializing in military-strength information security systems that give organizations the freedom to communicate and collaborate without risking liability, reputation damage, competitive threat, or other negative outcomes.

The company operates on the principle of "Newthink, not rethink," stating that today's market needs new perspectives and fresh thinking when it comes to information security challenges. Ecrypt is an ideas-based company that believes in innovating new solutions - not ineffectually adapting old solutions to new problems.

Ecrypt's solutions are built for optimum security and organizational control. They include Ecrypt One, a military-strength e-mail and encryption system that safeguards the integrity of information. The company's security consulting services offer solutions for the individual security and compliance challenges faced by clients. Ecrypt Talks is an idea sharing platform that utilizes experts, leaders and the industry, putting them together to encourage communication, understanding and attention to problems and innovation.

In a 2012 profile on Ecrypt, veteran journalist and Dow Jones Newswires columnist Al Lewis said, "Technology companies from Microsoft Corp. to Google, Inc. sell software and offer e-mail accounts that are all-too vulnerable to hacking. Since the advent of targeted online advertising, they have stood to make more money letting information leak out than holding it in, which is why it may be up to a little company to save us."

Ecrypt's aim is to make encrypting e-mails and protecting sensitive information easy, so people aren't dissuaded from protecting their information by the complexity of the process. The company focuses on simplicity as a holistic experience. Ecrypt's simplification strategy involves: consolidating administrative tasks into a single interface; integrating security with familiar legacy services within one seamless system; making functionality intuitive; thinking of the future for maximum end-user productivity; and keeping things simple between multiple devices for a single user.

Ecrypt's e-mail solution is designed using the highest level of security - a fortified system that is closed to data leaks and assures the integrity of e-mail and attachments. The solution enables broad or granular security and access policies for comprehensive control.

When it comes to data security, Ecrypt aims to become the leader. "You know how people say 'Google it' or 'text it'?" said company investor Strato Malamas, as quoted in Al Lewis' report. "One day, we'll be saying Ecrypt it.'"

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