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Liberated Energy, Inc. (LIBE) Debuts Revolutionary Standalone Hybrid Solar-Wind Lighting And Security System, The Guard-Lite™

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Liberated Energy, an up-and-comer in the alternative energy space which is rapidly advancing highly-efficient small-scale wind and solar turbine solutions, like their patent-pending ridgeline roof-mounted wind prototype, announced the debut today of the Guard-Lite, a self-powered lighting and security solution in one.

Today's announcement constitutes an opening of the doors for LIBE on the system, and they are now taking direct orders for Guard-Lite units by phone, Toll Free at 888-761-8207, with credit card purchasing options materializing over the coming days. It is very clear from this move that LIBE is quite serious about getting significant contributors quickly onto the market that can help to improve the global clean energy supply portfolio and investors should take note here because the company's patent-pending technology puts the power to force the shift straight into the hands of homeowners and small businesses via a simple concept/design, as well as masterful product execution from an engineering standpoint.

Capitalizing on LIBE's already established, highly-affordable designs (more so than existing options available to consumers), the Guard-Lite is a self-contained and largely autonomous lighting/security solution which can be deployed almost anywhere in no time at all, as the unit requires zero wiring or electrical permitting. A powerful combination of robust mounting (maintenance-free carbon steel pole that has a vinyl sleeve/powder coating and tamper proof security base) with super-efficient components makes the Guard-Lite quite a marvel. The high-efficiency carbon fiber plastic turbine is able to do 300W very quietly at even low wind input levels and a rock-solid DC power system with a full 24 hour energy storage capacity means the system can continue to function for a full day, even without wind or solar inputs.

The onboard solar panel can render 100W output at 4.5 KWh per day with an excess overhead of 3.9 KWh/day on average, which can either be tied into/sold into the grid for profit, or simply used to power additional lighting and cameras. Speaking of which, perhaps the most important components are the lighting and onboard WiFi security camera systems. The Guard-Lite comes packed with the latest energy-efficient LEDs, using 6000°Kelvin lamps (rated for 60k+ hours lifetime) for optimum visibility on the least lumens (3 LEDs producing 900 lumens each). The optics are just as good, with two-way streaming audio and HD video capability, this unit can send alerts right out to the user's computer, smartphone or tablet, instantly connecting camera and user for total situational awareness, even when users are on the move. Moreover, the system can incorporate multiple cameras and users quite easily, offering customers a truly standalone lighting/security deployment solution for doing area coverage or multi-site coverage.

LIBE gained control of the core technology in play here (Patent Application Serial No. 61/27,578) via their recent acquisition of Perpetual Wind Power Corp., primarily as a means of tapping into demand dynamics generated by the significant lack of supply in the U.S. for such solar/wind power hardware. There is no lack of demand here in the states, but few (if any) such solutions have come to market in the price range of the average consumer. CEO of LIBE, Frank Pringle, obviously proud of this new design, reaffirmed his company's commitment to delivering affordable solutions that make the environment a safer and more secure place. With the Guard-Lite now ready for duty, investors can expect to see LIBE aggressively mining domestic demand for such systems and, with the satisfaction of that demand, the company's commitment to the environment will be fulfilled in spades.

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