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OBJ Enterprises, Inc. (OBJE) Is Prepared To Capitalize On Future Gaming Trends

|Includes: MyGo Games Holding Co. (MYGG)

Market trends indicate that a new generation of handheld and interactive game consoles and mobile devices will lead to a major boost in the number of mobile and downloadable games and spark a dramatic increase in gaming revenues in coming years.

This is tremendous news for OBJ Enterprises. The company, via its subsidiary Obscene Interactive, is already investing in the future of gaming and is increasing its share of the multi-billion dollar gaming industry by developing a lucrative suite of mobile games and applications, online social and mobile gaming platforms, and other gaming properties to compete in the industry.

OBJ Enterprises is also seeking out new acquisitions of promising game development companies that have strong portfolios of assets that can help it more effectively apply emerging technologies, such as micro-transactions, discrete product placement, and cloud computing, so as to benefit from the ever-increasing use of consoles, smartphones, and tablets around the world.

The company has also set up three separate but cooperating game development divisions to produce, market, and monetize its digital games. The divisions cater to three categories: healthcare, education, and fun.

The healthcare division's mandate is to craft games that improve a user's quality of life. These games would be geared toward connecting patients with similar ailments through social platforms, helping to helping to improve hand-eye coordination, or collecting biometric feedback.

The education division's goal is to design games with a purpose. These games would help users learn a new language, improve time management skills, or internalize important safety training.

Finally, the fun division's task is to create games that provide an enjoyable and engaging experience, allowing the company to connect with consumers.

All of these well-timed initiatives have created exciting new opportunities for OBJ Enterprises in the social and mobile gaming industry, where it can capitalize on the tremendous scale of the industry, the explosive growth in mobile devices and online users, and the expansive and collaborative nature of social networks.

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