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Take Technical Analysis to the Next Level with QuantShare

All investors, whether trading for the short-term or long-term, should have at least a basic understanding of technical analysis to maximize their profit potential while minimizing losses. Stock charts put everything in perspective by putting the forces of supply and demand into an observable picture.

Many traders rely exclusively on a stock’s trading history to make their buy and sell decisions. Rather than researching the company’s current position and future growth prospects, they analyze hundreds of stock charts for certain patterns, converging moving averages, indicator signals and volume activity.

QuantShare is an advanced trading software that offers a complete charting experience, several backtesting features and support for U.S. and international markets. The platform enables traders to develop new trading strategies using any criteria, and then backtest them using historical market data for validation.

Traders can create trading strategies programmatically or using the wizard. The trading software will then provide a detailed report about the specified strategy’s realized and non-realized trades, average return or loss, performance per sector or per market, sharpe ratio, performance per holding period, and much, much more.

QuantShare offers a free trial to investors who wish to try the program. To start using this powerful trading software, visit

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