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Brekford Corp. (BFDI) Is “One To Watch”

|Includes: Brekford Traffic Safety, Inc. (BFDI)

When people talk about mobile technology, they are usually referring to the ubiquitous smart phone, along with the endlessly expanding string of applications and functionalities that are being loaded into it. What is often overlooked is the extensive and growing market of mobile technologies designed specifically for military and public safety vehicles. When it comes to the military, law enforcement, and public safety, the ability to capture, process, and communicate information is becoming an increasingly important part of the equation.

For over a decade, Brekford Corp., a Maryland based homeland security technology service provider, has been growing to become what is now a one-stop-shop for the U.S. military and various security and public safety agencies, offering a 360° suite of mobile computer and video technologies, vehicle upfitting services, and automated traffic safety enforcement solutions. Their reputation has been based upon a record of highly rugged and robust products, covering almost every operational requirement, together with all of the associated upfitting and support services.

In the case of law enforcement, fire and EMS services, all have their own special requirements for their various vehicles. Equipment must be able to perform a wide range of complex video and data processing and communication, while operating under the most extreme conditions. Brekford has defined itself as a single best resource for purchasing vehicles that are upfitted with the latest in ruggedized cutting-edge IT and communications, in addition to traditional hardware, such as lights and sirens.

An example of technology meeting the need is Brekford's Automatic Traffic Enforcement systems or Automatic Photo Enforcement Systems. The Automated Traffic Enforcement (NYSE:ATE) system is an enforcement technique where one or more motor vehicle sensors generate recorded images of motor vehicles traveling at speeds above a defined limit. Captured images are then processed and reviewed in an office environment, and violation notices are mailed to the registered owner of the identified vehicle.

Another reason for Brekford's success is their financing, leasing, and buying options. For instance, with government budgets under increased pressures, coupled with a growing demand for public safety, the company's leasing program is, in many cases, the ideal answer to get technology on the streets at the lowest price.

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