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Strategic American Oil Corp. (SGCA) Has Knack For Finding And Developing The Best Deals

Strategic American Oil Corp. (SGCA) Has Knack for Finding and Developing the Best Deals

Strategic American, a Texas-based domestic oil and gas production and exploration company, has been successful in following a multi-tier growth low-risk strategy, bringing together the financing and technology to do the following:

• Acquire currently producing oil and gas wells
• Develop proven undeveloped zones (behind pipe) in existing wells.
• Develop salable drilling prospects in-house retaining a carried interest to casing point
• Drill offset wells retaining a majority of the working interest
• Develop secondary recovery (waterflood) projects
• Increase production by re-working existing producing or previously producing wells
• Complete in-house 3D seismic projects and acquire 3D data where warranted/available

Although Strategic has a number of unique qualities going for it, such as its strong financial position, the company's real strength is the ability of their management team to be ahead of the curve in identifying domestic opportunities, and applying the financial and technical leverage to take full advantage of them. In short, they are able to spot and capitalize on some very smart deals.

But it's not just about shrewd acquisitions or taking over new wells. Strategic's success has largely depended upon turning around existing projects or wells. Much like taking over a company and increasing its value by improving operations, Strategic is adept at increasing output and efficiencies.

The most recent example of this is their work at North Point Bolivar Field in Galveston Bay, Texas, where the company recently announced a successful rework that has more than doubled well production. The result has been an addition to monthly revenue of roughly $30,000. And Strategic has many more wells awaiting recompletion or rework. This is in addition to anticipated new output from drilling activities or new acquisitions.

Strategic targets known resources and existing wells, as well as strong exploration opportunities, with existing operations in Texas, Louisiana, and Illinois. The company actively acquires production, reserves, or other companies that will provide significant growth potential, and the company's financial position has steadily improved.

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