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Elevate, Inc. (ELEV) Reports Expansion For 2012

Yesterday, Elevate, Inc. announced their summary of financial results for its fiscal 2012 second quarter ended November 30, 2011. The company posted impressive growth during the last quarter and detailed strategies that helped to achieve said growth.

Based in San Clemente, CA, Elevate is focused on providing a one-stop experience for communications services, such as voice, data, video, mobile and security; as well as services such as smart home and broadband technology. The company also boasts a customer service team, called Certifiable Genius, that operates in a customer's local area rather than being outsourced to other countries.

Elevate reported that the company experienced a 100% revenue growth from Q1 and a 198% growth over the previous year's Q2, while unit sales were up approximately 800% over the previous quarter. Elevate was able to decrease operating costs by 16% during this same period. The company reported seeing a growth in both customer referrals and job applicants that was so severe, call centers in Utah and California were opened to process the backlog.

Wright Thurston, Elevate CEO, stated, "September through November is traditionally very slow in the direct sales space, particularly among those who compete with our smart home suite of products. However, we've had a great quarter, and I think it's because we have been smart about how we expended our resources. We leveraged the viral growth of our referral model and our recently launched telesales division to achieve sales growth without massive staffing, and we negotiated more favorable terms with suppliers and other key partners to drive greater revenue per sale."

Rod Place, Elevate COO, said, "Many of our competitors were wrapping up sales operations for the season, scaling down their workforce, and going into hibernation until recruiting would begin the following spring. We saw an opportunity to push our business forward when everybody else was taking a break."

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