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Global Payout, Inc. (GOHE) Secures First Contract In 2014; Predicts Great Year

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Today, Global Payout reported that it had acquired its first contract client for 2014, Younique GmbH of Switzerland. The company also stated a prediction that 2014 would be a breakout year, in terms of the number of new clients it signs, the number of services its sells, the number of payment cards it issues, and in the amount of revenues it earns. Building upon this initial success with Younique GmbH, Global Payout also predicted that this contract would be the first of many contracts reached in the first quarter of 2014, as well as throughout the entirety of the year.

Global Payout's newest client opted for use of Global Payout's proprietary MoneyTracâ„¢ Consolidated Payment Gateway on account of the payment method's offering timely and safe transactions. Headquartered in Kantons St. Gallen, Younique GmbH is, in the company's words, a "service provider of educational programs and Swiss London Bullion Market certified gold and silver religious collectibles and small ingot bars". This company sells precious metals under the trade name of Swiss Gold Global.

With use of Global Payout's MoneyTracâ„¢ Consolidated Payment Gateway, affiliates of Swiss Gold Global will be able to receive commission payouts and sales proceeds daily, weekly, or monthly. Swiss Gold Global expects to partner with as many as 3,000 regular members within one year, with current membership being targeted in Europe and the Caribbean. With the payments gateway, the company's affiliates will be able to access cash without the expense and time obstacles associated with receiving and depositing checks, mail, or wire transfer. Other service benefits and features will substantially increase the affiliates' access to commission payments and prepaid card transfers as well as enable the affiliates to directly purchase Swiss Gold Global products, too. Ultimately, the service greatly enhances the affiliates' consumer convenience.

"We are fortunate to provide all of Younique GmbH payout requirements, and anticipate adding additional international regions based upon their growth for 2015 and 2016," says James L. Hancock, CEO of Global Payout. "And we are also looking forward to an incredibly busy year. The company is currently negotiating with several international and domestic companies for our wide array of payment solutions. And we are optimistic that we offer one of the most complete, economical, and easy-to-use solutions in the industry."

"Our members will be extremely pleased to know that they can access their commissions on the Gateway platform," says William Rowell, Founder and CEO of Younique GmbH. "This payment solution will greatly assist our members in receiving timely and secure payments."

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