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Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (MEEC) Presenting At The Energy, Utility, And Environment 2014 Conference

|Includes: Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (MEEC)

Midwest Energy, a company specializing in mercury capture compliance solutions that enable coal-burning power plants to meet new emissions standards, announced today that it will be presenting at the Energy, Utility, and Environment (EUEC) 2014 Conference. The conference will be taking place this year on Monday, February 3 through Wednesday, February 5, 2014.

The company's presentation will be given by Mr. Marcus Sylvester, VP of Sales and Marketing. It is entitled ""HG Control and Activated Carbon", and in it Mr. Sylvester will lay out company's value proposition across multiple coal types, the superior performance of Midwest Energy's leading edge technology versus competitors, and the ability to maintain critical compliance levels for coal power plants. At the conference, over 500 experts will be presenting content and their thoughts on industry technologies and developments affecting the electric utility industry.

Midwest Energy offers an economical and effective solution for coal-fired and oil-fired power plants that are larger than 25 mega-watts for heavy reduction of mercury pollution emissions. As part of the Clean Air Act of 1990, the U.S. EPA has issued the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards rule, which requires that all coal- and oil-fired power plants in the U.S., larger than 25 mega-watts, must remove roughly 90% of mercury from their emissions by April 16, 2015. The cost of compliance after the deadline, the EPA estimates, will be close to $10 billion annually, and there are over 1,400 units across the United States that will be impacted by this standard. The company's technology has been shown to achieve mercury removal levels compliant with MATS at a significantly lower cost and with less operational impact than currently used methods.

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