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Liberated Energy, Inc. (LIBE) Launches Guard-Lite, A Lighting And Security Hybrid

|Includes: Liberated Energy, Inc. (LIBE)

It was with great excitement that Liberated Energy announced the launch of a revolutionary hybrid lighting and security system, Guard-Lite. The system's unique self-powered design allows it to be installed at any location without wiring or an electrical permit.

With an increasing need for security and the demand for alternative energy growing, the Guard-Lite is a comprehensive solution for the everyday consumer. The Guard-Lite package includes high tech LED lighting with a lifetime of over 60,000 hours, and an HD WiFi security camera that features two-way streaming audio and HD video.

The package also includes a high efficiency carbon fiber plastic wind turbine, a solar panel, and a safe, reliable and efficient DC electrical system. The appropriate mounting pole is also included.

These are only some of Guard-Lite's unique features. Liberated Energy's CEO, Frank Pringle, detailed more of the system's benefits: "Most security products alert homeowners after an intruder has breached a home or building. However, the Guard Lite allows a property owner the ability to deter an intruder before he has entered the premises. This can be done day or night with the camera's infrared capabilities. And, with the Guard-Lite's heat sensor for fire detection, a homeowner may enjoy up to a 20% discount on his or her insurance."

Interested consumers can go to the company's website,, to purchase the security system. For more information including price and delivery, please contact Liberated Energy via their Toll Free number 888-761-8207 and or the website.

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