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First Titan Corp. (FTTN) Bolstered By Favorable Projections For Oil And Gas In 2014

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First Titan is a North American oil and gas company that is focusing on building solid growth through a diversified oil and gas portfolio. The company is looking to tap into the strong and growing demand for oil and gas, through the building-up of a substantial collection of oil and gas properties as well as harnessing unique energy development opportunities.

Currently, First Titan has asset holdings in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Alabama. As the company continues its operations at these sites and looks for all market opportunities possible for increasing its profitability, positive projections for supply and demand in this lucrative marketplace are proving to be promising news for First Titan. Projections recently issued by the International Energy Agency indicated that international demand for gas will skyrocket to 92.5 million barrels a day in 2014, an increase of over 1 million barrels per day from last year's total.

Projections for domestic production of natural gas are also encouraging, as the US Department of Energy estimates that domestic production will increase by 56 percent by 2040. The increased productivity, the department opines, will be partially tied to the electric utility industry's firm reliance upon on natural gas as a primary energy source. In fact, the DoE projects that natural gas will be the largest source of US electricity by 2035.

Once more with short-term projections: The Natural Gas Production Outlook 2013-2014 estimates that natural gas production will grow from 65.7 billion cubic feet per day last year to 69.1 Bcf/d by this year's end. Plus, as result of increased use of oil excavation techniques such as fracking and horizontal drilling, natural gas production and oil prices are expected to see new highs in this year as well, according to another DoE projection. All of these predictions bode well for First Titan's assets' growth potential.

Meanwhile, the company is looking for new energy development opportunities in Kansas and Canada. Just recently, the company announced in late 2013 that it is looking at new, possible property acquisition targets in Kansas and that it will be turning its attention more northward for more acquisition and asset development opportunities.

With a seemingly strong 2014 ahead of it, and possibly even beyond, First Titan may be positioned for solid company growth indeed.

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