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CD International Enterprises, Inc. (CDII) Looks To Global Economy For Strong Future

|Includes: CD International Enterprises, Inc. (CDII)

CD International Enterprises is a Florida-based company that produces, sources, and distributes industrial commodities in China and the Americas. The company also provides international business and financial consulting services. In these capacities, it operates in three business segments, of which two garner its primary attention and energy.

CD International Enterprises recognizes that the world's countries are becoming increasingly interconnected, especially through economic activity, and it has positioned itself to take advantage of this growing trend. For instance, CD International Enterprises has built up its primary business segments to be magnesium and metal. The subsidiaries involved in these segments are private Chinese companies which CD International Enterprises has gained controlling interests in via corporate acquisitions for majority or whole ownership. The company's third business segment, consulting services, involves CD International Enterprises' team leveraging its extensive experience and business insights for advising Chinese entities on how to be competitive in the global marketplace. With this international focus, the company aims to provide a platform to support, develop, and nurture these international businesses opportunities which play a vital role in the growing global economy.

In its magnesium and metal business segments, CD International Enterprises focuses on enhancing the quality and performance of its subsidiaries by extending a wide range of resources for their augmentation. These include: management advice, investment capital, business development services, strategic planning, internal control, macroeconomic industry analysis, and financial management.

For its third business segment, CD International Enterprises provides its clientele of emerging Chinese entities with a suite of consulting services including: strategic planning, business development, investment and financing assistance, M&A planning and analysis, modeling and valuation analysis, financial management, SEC report filings and management, SOX 404 compliance, and investor and public relations services.

At the heart of all these operations is what arguably constitutes CD International Enterprises' greatest strength: its personnel. The company points to the success of its various cross-border transactions as proof of its ability and drive to accomplish critical goals. Leveraging this culturally diverse and insightful talent, CD International Enterprises is able to identify emerging market opportunities and provide comprehensive solutions or services relevant to conducting international business. Specifically, the company's personnel have knowledge of and experience in:

•The innate practices of Chinese commerce

•Extensive cultural and legal expertise

•Strong knowledge of unique business dynamics and business operations characteristics with the United

States, China, and South America

•Experience in engagement in commercial activities in South America and the United States

Plus, since the company is headquartered in Florida, has corporate offices in Shanghai, China, and maintains locations in South America, the company's personnel are able to remain fully up-to-date in their knowledge of cultural practices and business dynamics-and share new developments in these factors with their clients and subsidiaries for stronger growth.

With a highly experienced and insightful management team steering the efforts of the company, CD International Enterprises is well-positioned for a strong future in the global economy of today, and perhaps the future.

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