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Kallo, Inc. (KALO) Contract Shows Size Of Market Need

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When Kallo, a health systems company that helps centralize and integrate diverse medical information and technology to the benefit of patients as well as public and private medical organizations, recently announced the signing of a $200 million supply contract with the Republic of Guinea in West Africa, it was a testament to the growing demand for improved healthcare in developing nations. It was also an indication of the unique ability of Kallo to serve that market.

Kallo is focused on healthcare delivery, emphasizing that all the drugs and medical equipment in the world is of little value without an efficient process in place for getting it where it is needed. For nations in the process of developing suitable healthcare infrastructure and delivery systems for largely rural areas, Kallo offers a compelling suite of options, with mobile and modularized solutions. Their technologies are designed to complement existing systems, workflows, and processes, allowing easy integration and all of their clinical solutions comply with international, national, and regional standards, and include stringent quality control.

Kallo solutions offer everything needed to ensure efficient delivery of necessary medical information and technology:

•Integraat enables any medical device to connect to any EMR, PACS, HIS, RIS, PIS, or DI-r.

•MobileCare provides comprehensive and mobile medical solutions for remote areas.

•Rural-Care offers pre-fabricated modular and project based healthcare delivery systems.

•CygnaMed helps coordinate patient and medical information for medical tourism and other needs.

•Keristaa addresses the need for rapid detection and communication of disease threats.

•OHealth provides the infrastructure, technology, training, and support to seamlessly integrate with any clinic, laboratory, hospital, or Health Information Access Layer (HIAL).

For the Republic of Guinea contract, Kallo will implement its RuralCare and MobileCare systems in early 2014, and will provide mobile clinics, polyclinics, utility vehicles, and ambulance services to the people of Guinea for the next 2 years.

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