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Capstone Turbine Corp. (CPST) Eagle Ford Shale Customer Awards Follow-on Order For 31 More Microturbines

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Today, Capstone Turbine, a global leader in low-emission microturbine production, was pleased to announce a follow-on order for 31 more cutting-edge cleantech C65 microturbines from a substantial hydrocarbon operator in the Eagle Ford Shale (EFS), which currently has a deployed fleet of these powerful energy systems totaling 71 units. The beauty of the C65's, especially for the hydrocarbon industry operators, is that they are able to readily use natural gas to produce clean-and-green power in a highly localizable fashion.

Capstone (UL-Certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004) has established itself globally through a consistent pattern of delivering award-winning microturbine systems (some 6k shipped worldwide) that have collectively logged millions of documented hours of runtime. This LA-headquartered powerhouse has sales and service center satellites in key markets (New York Metro Area, Mexico City, Nottingham, Shanghai and Singapore) that give the Company a global footprint. The solid portfolio of cleantech microturbine technologies and solutions CPST is able to execute on are reinforced by a firm handshake with the US EPA, thanks to CPST's membership in that agency's Combined Heat and Power Partnership.

The order announced today is an undeniable vote of confidence for CPST from a large industry operator and was secured by the Company's distributor Horizon Power Systems (NYSE:HPS) in response to growing demand from the customer for more energy. This order will bring the total to 102 units delivered to this customer. The new C65's will largely end up supporting Lease Automatic Custody Transfer infrastructure, as well as remote well site transfer stations in the EFS.

Exec VP of Sales and Marketing at CPST, Jim Crouse, commented on both the rapid expansion of NA shale production and the Company itself, citing the around-the-clock performance capability of the C65 microturbines as key for their rapid adoption within the industry, where the optimal efficiency, robust design and low-emissions of the C65 drive home an ideal package for EFS operators, as well as other plays nationwide.

The president of HPS, Sam Henry, reaffirmed the view espoused by Crouse that CPST's microturbines were quickly becoming the chosen power system among oil and gas producers nationwide as those operators seek to meet ever growing demands for robust energy solutions. Henry pointed out the satisfaction of the customer over the C65 meeting their "high-caliber power needs" and offered this as the main reason for the decision to upgrade their power envelope with more CPST microturbines.

All CPST microturbines:

• Can operate as Continuous or On-Demand
• Can operate as Stand-Alone or Grid-Connected
• Can operate Individually or in a Multi-Pack configuration
• Utilize a variety of fuel types (Natural Gas, Biogas, Flare gas, Diesel, Propane, Kerosene)

CPST microturbines have a broad range of applicability and penetrate into multiple markets ranging from industrial, to commercial and the public sector. This order bolsters an already strong company profile and is a clear sign that the North American shale sector is continuing to gain momentum.

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