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Z3 Enterprises, Inc. (BIBB) Subsidiary Close To Patent For Technology That Makes Smaller, Cost-Effective Submersible Motors And Pumps Without Losing...

Z3 Enterprises, Inc. (BIBB) Subsidiary Close to Patent for Technology That Makes Smaller, Cost-Effective Submersible Motors and Pumps Without Losing Horsepower

HPEV Inc., a wholly-owned Nevada-based subsidiary of Z3 Enterprises focused on creating technologies that enable the conversion of any existing vehicle into a hybrid for under $4,000, today announced that as soon as the necessary fees are paid it will receive a patent for its latest technology for submersible motors and pumps. The Notice of Allowance from the US Patent office recognizes the benefits of using a cooler motor in anything that relies on an engine, from small appliances to boats to airplanes.

HPEV was founded in 2011 to commercialize the Hybrid Plug In Electric Vehicle retrofit system and create new products that use heat pipe technology. The exclusive heat pipe technology creates a cooler engine that emits fewer toxins without using pumps or moving parts that can suffer heat-related failure. Presently the company has 12 patents or patents pending with two remaining to be assigned.

"This is a significant game changer in a multi-billion dollar industry. Currently, all dry pit submersible motors use water jackets, the effluent medium, elaborate heat exchangers or over-sizing of motors by doubling or even tripling their diameter to achieve the necessary horsepower and torque outputs. These are 25 year old solutions at best. Our technology cools the motors without all of these costly bolt-ons, allowing for a dramatic reduction in physical size and cost of manufacturing," said Tim Hassett, co-founder of HPEV, Inc. in a press release.

Currently electric motors are used for many tasks where cooling is difficult or limited by regulations. Traditionally these motors are enclosed, explosion-proof and rely on cooling schemes like blowers or water jackets. HPEV's thermal technology is a part of the motor so it can provide more power at a smaller size and lower cost. The technology does not depend on gravity and can be shaped to fit any design or mold.

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