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ECrypt Technologies, Inc. (ECRY) Offers Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use Solutions To Protect Sensitive Data

eCrypt has built a robust security platform for military-grade strong encryption that the average consumer can use with ease, extending this envelope nicely with secured online file storage/sharing capability. The beauty of the technology is that it layers seamlessly with existing contact methodologies, allowing users to keep existing email accounts, meaning rapid deployment across an entire business is possible.

Entering the BlackBerry® space with the eCrypt One on One product for securing Mobile Mail Privacy (original app name), ECRY quickly moved towards a universal offering, eCrypt Me, a web-based implementation accessible by any intelligent networked device via the Web browser. Today the company continues to deliver on a pledge of making powerful encryption technology, once only available to banks, governments, and Fortune 500 companies, readily available to the consumer in a format that anyone can use.

Showing the prowess of the company's developmental pipeline and their dedication to securing consumer space, ECRY launched the eCrypt Me app for the iPhone shortly after announcement of its development last year, bringing tighter usability to the already available platform via mobile browser.

Availability via the iTunes App Store places the product more prominently for consumers and is already generating significant buzz, as it constitutes a very simple yet powerful privacy/security solution and even allows users to circumvent the recently discovered messaging security flaw. Projections place the iPhone at some 18% of the entire smartphone market this year (some 116.4M units; over 50M sold in 2011 according to AAPL, currently 29% US market share - Michael Walkley, Cannacord Genuity) and the drive by the company to shell their technology into apps, avoiding the browser and allowing enhanced, device-specific functionality (as with the many features of the Blackberry One on One offering), speaks directly to the heart of those end users.

Let's take a closer look at these offerings, examining eCrypt Me, eCrypt Me for iPhone, and even One on One to get a better sense of just how on target ECRY is with their technology design:

eCrypt Me - web-based encryption with secure cloud storage lets users safely and easily send off private emails to other users on or off platform, even via public WiFi via SSL, and uses a powerful combo of AES256/ECC521 algorithms to lock down data and passwords, giving end users total one-way encryption so strong not even ECRY can decrypt them. Easy to subscribe and easy to access, just login and use existing email accounts via any protocol like POP, IMAP, Groupwise, and etc. Works in every browser on any device, has a free 30-day trial, and only costs $8 per month, no contract required. Offers a very Gmail/Outlook-like organizational feature set and style that is immediately familiar to most users, and when paired with the File Vault lets users conduct business easily, even across continents, secure in the knowledge that everything is sealed away from prying eyes.

eCrypt Me for iPhone - leverages the entire framework in an iPhone-designed app environment, bringing the same easy to use, easy to navigate, complete end-to-end security framework for emails and attachments to the iPhone community.

eCrypt One on One - system-level device integration is where ECRY got its start and this offering is designed to shield email message contents on the BlackBerry, using the device-resident Messages and Contact/Address Book applications. Available via a single perpetual license per device for a one-time fee of $79.95. A free trial is also offered, making it easy to check out.

One in five cases of identity theft is initiated by email; it is really one of the most dangerous points of contact possible and is a leading target for the majority of malicious hackers and cyber criminals. A major obstacle for the millions of new users entering the market each year is the complexity, price, and availability of a truly robust strong encryption solution like this and it is quite natural for people, especially iPhone users who rely heavily on the iTunes store for apps, to flock to such products when they realize how prevalent identify theft is.

Intelligent consumers and businesses know that we all routinely handle sensitive data, and in the case of a business, it is especially important to safeguard such private information. Now there is a perfect option for anyone, irrespective of skill set, to implement this kind of ironclad security. If you can use email, you can use eCrypt.

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