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ProGraming Platforms Corp. (PPTF) Patentable Algorithms Redefine Online Gaming

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about ProGaming Platforms, an Israeli company offering an advanced platform for online skill games, is that such games are among the world's fastest growing markets, generating billions in annual revenues. The company has one of the only online platforms able to efficiently handle that kind of global traffic.

The secret behind the platform is ProGaming's patentable algorithms, which can automatically track game scores and payouts for millions of players anywhere on the planet. The result is a list of benefits that are attractive to both serious gamers and gaming novices, as well as to game creators.

• The platform works with virtually all online games, third-party servers, and billing systems.
• The platform reduces player complaints and conflicts by tracking game scores and winners with the highest degree of accuracy.
• The platform levels the playing field by identifying and ranking players according to previous results, placing them in levels according to their skill. In addition, the software is being developed to detect if a gamer attempts to open new accounts to fool the platform's ranking system.

Unlike so many competing systems, with the ProGaming system players don't have to pay monthly subscriptions. Players pay a nominal entrance fee for each game, collected automatically by the gaming platform, allowing gamers to play as little or as much as they want. The technology consists of a highly secured accounting mechanism that does not require any middleware.

ProGaming sets a new standard for online gaming, enhancing player experience and providing the opportunity for monetary rewards. Players no longer have to worry about mechanical details, and can finally focus exclusively on simply playing and winning.

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